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With the Mercury IT webinar series, you’ll learn from some of the best in the business. Get the outside perspective you need to capitalise on trends and neutralise risks.


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Starting this May, our webinars are invitation-only but free for business and tech leaders like you. We’ll be tackling topics like collaboration in tomorrow’s world, how to streamline workflows, and powering up your enterprise with business intelligence.

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You can’t control change but you can control your response to it. Better still, you can prepare for it.

Mercury IT partners with global technology leaders to bring you innovative events on latest IT trends & business technology topics to better prepare your business for the future. Through our events we showcase our knowledge, experience, and partnerships to become your trusted technology advisor. Mercury IT’s marketing and events team have had the pleasure of hosting over 300 events across our region. These events include industry experts from Mercury IT and other established organisations to provide real life case studies and customer success stories.

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